Meet Jeni Hall

Creator of Healthy Habits for Life™ and The RESTART® Program, Mentor, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner 

Jeni Hall is an award-winning expert in creating small-group programs for wellness professionals to use in their practices. These programs are designed to support powerful changes for participants. As a program creator, teacher and mentor, Jeni has a unique ability to take complex ideas and make them accessible and teachable. This allows participants to really get the information shared, and make those profound changes in their lives that we all want to make. She has helped over twelve hundred wellness professionals build and grow their practices with her programs who, in turn, have made a huge impact in the lives of tens of thousands of people all over the world. 

It is her own struggles that propel her to create these programs. Jeni recognizes that so many people deal with similar struggles, and she understands, first-hand, how much easier and better it is to work through something challenging with the support of a coach and others on the same path.

Jeni has been honored to receive two awards for her work that helps to support and grow the practices of these organizations’ members: The Nutritional Therapy Association’s first ever “Entrepreneur of the Year” award and the National Association of Nutrition Professionals “Impact” award.

The best feedback comes from the participants who's lives are changed and the practitioners who use her courses to help their practices thrive.

Jeni is truly proud to see how the ripple effect of real learning and real support in a culture of curiosity and kindness makes such a powerful impact around the world. It’s a beautiful thing!

Elise Le Brun B.App.Sci., M.Ed

Chief Possibilities Officer, Big Bold Brand Inc.

What continues to impress me about Jeni is how much thought she puts into the delivery of her programs. She dedicates a ton of time and resources to ensure the programs continue to add value, are accessible – and always keeps the instructor and participant’s experience in mind. Jeni is easy to work with and open to different perspectives – she’s got a great sense of humour too!

Lisa Havens, NTP

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Real Vibrance

 Jeni is a true visionary and her passion, not only for the people who will be reached with her programs, but also for each individual instructor, is evident in the genuine interactions she has. She wants to make sure each instructor feels supported as they use this platform to teach others about self-care. 

Kariman Pierce, NTP

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, New Gratitude Nutrition

Jeni is very organized and thoughtful about all the moving parts that are necessary to make the program a success. She has the perfect combination of business savvy and knowledge plus experience in self-care, which has resulted in a very successful curriculum. Jeni’s whole heart is in her programs and it shows through the way she has created and nurtured an amazing supportive community of instructors.

Courtney Cronk, MA, NTP

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Nourish Portland

Jeni poured her heart and soul into this program. It’s the most succinct, well organized, sensible, authentic, and rewarding program to teach. She literally wrote the program for herself, and I believe this is why it appeals to so many people. It’s the personal touches that make it special. It’s really relatable!

Anyone can work on self-care, but I would venture to say that it wouldn’t be as effective or life changing as Jeni’s program. She designed it to be part education and part support group, and it’s the support the participants (and instructor) share that make it so appealing and achievable. As an instructor, it’s inspiring to see the changes people are making in their lives that make it so rewarding to teach over and over.